“We feel so fortunate to have had you with us.”

“We really cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us. You truly are an amazing person and a gift to anyone who has the pleasure of using you as their doula! We feel so fortunate to have had you with us during such a precious time in our lives. Thank you!.”

— C.D.

“You make the birthing experience so much less intimidating.”

“A very heartfelt thank you! You are the reason I was able to have the birthing experience I so wanted. You make the birthing experience so much less intimidating, controlled and enjoyable (if that’s possible).” 

— K.I.

“We had a strong connection and sense of trust.”

“Dad was initially skeptical of the value of having both a midwife and a doula to assist with our first baby’s birth. Almost immediately upon meeting Evamarie we had a strong connection and sense of trust. Throughout our pregnancy she had a quiet strength we could really depend on. We had an unplanned (but not unprepared) first birth in the hospital, and Evamarie helped us both so much. It was an easy decision to ask her to be our doula for our second birth. Again, she was there for both of us all the way. Always providing quality resources for our (many) questions and an impartial advocate for our choice. We were so happy she shared in the successful home birth of our second baby girl. We will never forget her and will always be grateful for her support and for sharing in the greatest moments of our lives.”

— E.D. & T.D.

“Exactly what I needed to get through.”

“Some of being a doula can be learned but some is just about presence and energy. Your presence at my birth, being with us, knowing what to say but also simply how to be was beautiful, quiet and supportive. Exactly what I needed to get through.”

— L.M.

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Experience is important in this line of work.”

Evamarie was our doula for the birth of our first daughter. Having had 4 children of her own at that time instilled a lot of confidence in that she had been through 4 births (and now she has been through 5 of her own births!). Experience is important in this line of work. She has also assisted many other women during their birthing journeys. She helped us to prepare and think about various possible scenarios before giving birth. During my birth, she supported me and my husband through a 33 hour labour! She also helped during the transition of the postpartum period. When I encountered some challenges with nursing, she referred a wonderful Lactation consultant to us. She also looked up an article for me to read when I faced a rare complication after the birth. Evamarie is a warm and calm person. She is well suited to being a doula. I would certainly recommend her.

— B.L.

A unique gift of working with the natural rhythm of childbirth.”

We were so excited to have Evamarie as a part of our team in both of our pregnancies. She was a calming, consistent presence when we felt so unsure. She was readily available during early labour and continually provided reassurance and ideas of ways to progress the labour as well as reminders to rest and hydrate. When the time came to go to hospital, she was with us every step of the way in a non-intrusive manner, always gently guiding, never overbearing or in the way.  When the first labour resulted in an emergency c-section she was given permission to be with us in the O.R. and recovery. She provided reassurance, support and immediate breastfeeding coaching. With our second child, we had a planned c-section due to a breech presentation, and she again accompanied us into the O.R. and was a soft reassuring presence, never intrusive or interfering, yet strong and steadfast. Evamarie provides excellent care and we highly recommend her.  She has a unique gift of working with the natural rhythm of your body and childbirth.  If you are looking for an experienced, gentle birth coach, then you will want Evamarie as a part of your birth team.

— H.B. & M.B.

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“A sense of security.”

Your calmness, openness made me feel that all of my thoughts were valid, justified and with no judgement. It gave my partner a sense of partnership, made him feel less helpless throughout and gave a sense of security leading up to the due date. 

— A.S.

“An amazing combination.”

Evamarie has an amazing combination of intuitiveness, knowledge, teaching and comfort. We can not possibly thank her enough. From our first meeting, to our one on one sessions, labour and delivery and our birth story we were in awe of Evamarie. We are very thankful & grateful to have been brought together

— T.T.

“An amazing above-and-beyond, insightful gesture that meant so much.”

My Husband and I hired Evamarie to give us private birth classes. She is a mom of 5 children, and that fact alone gave me reassurance. She was calm, relaxed and flexible as she went through the class content with us. As a first-time mom, I do not think any amount of classes or information could have prepared me for the experience of labor and delivery, however Evamarie's classes were a great start, and they were so helpful in laying excellent ground-work and generating good communication between my husband and I about everything to come! Evamarie was our Doula and we are so grateful she was with us for the very long journey of bringing our son into the world. Once we decided to transition from home to the hospital, Evamarie came with us from home to the hospital, stuck with us, and even after taking a few hours sleep after a few days of working with me during contractions, she still returned to be at my side as he was born.

Future moms, believe me- you need a Doula, you need Evamarie. It can be a very long, tiring process. Evamarie cared for me and my husband! She has a bag full of amazing little things that were so helpful! (heat, cool, pain-distractions, etc) Our son was not breathing initially when he was born, so he was taken immediately by the team to the NICU. Evamarie used a syringe to collect my colostrum and walked it from my room to the NICU so that he could be fed from me. An amazing above-and-beyond, insightful gesture that meant so much! Having her as a Doula, along side our Midwives, was a great decision we made, long before we knew just how much we would lean on her, physically and emotionally during labor and delivery. A little while after we were settled back at home, she came to visit and gave us her recorded notes of our birth experience which is so awesome to have. I don't remember much of the experience and so to have it in writing is invaluable. Thank you Evamarie. Thank you.

— B.H.

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