With this Support Package you can expect...

  • one meeting to help prepare for birth, including demonstration of comfort measures, tips & tricks when starting out

  • email, text or phone support pertaining to questions about pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding,

  • on call 24 hours a day until the baby is born to provide text or phone support services starting 3 weeks prior and ending 2 weeks post estimated due date,

  • provide communication in early labour before transitioning to the intended place of birth,

  • remain available via text or phone when active labour has begun and until the birth,

  • provide guidance for non-medical support and techniques for comfort during labour and birth,

  • assistance with formulating questions to obtain information to make informed decisions about your care,

  • check in's on day one, three and five to answer questions or support you in your needs as a new parent.

  • One postpartum meeting

Let’s grab a tea and chat. Your initial consultation is free, no obligation of commitment. Connect and we can schedule a meeting.


* prenatal meetings provide us a chance to connect and to discover how to best support. We discuss your preferences, concerns, challenges, strengths and comforts.

* if your baby decides that their birthday will be before 37 weeks I will make every effort to support you. In the rare event I am unavailable your back-up Doula will be contacted to support you.

* If breastfeeding issues arise that need additional consult I will refer you to appropriate services and continue to follow up with you.

DONA Certified Birth Doula
Calgary Doula Association Member


Friends & Family Support

$250 flat rate* with the following payment options:
A. $125 x 2 (due at contract signing and at 37 weeks)
B. $62.50 x 4 instalment plan (ask for details)

Friends & Family Support plus Breastfeeding Education

$300 flat rate* with the following payment options:
A. $150 x 2 (due at contract signing and at 37 weeks)
B. $75 x 4 instalment plan (ask for details)

* If finances are a concern please speak with me. Our payment plans can be adjusted accordingly.

What is this package all about?

This unique service is for family and friends who are hoping to support you but have no clue where to begin. If you are wanting the support of a doula but want that person to be a friend or family member I can help guide you to that end. I will meet with you in pregnancy to be a resource for you. I will share knowledge with you and your loved ones about techniques and positions for comfort. When birth day arrives I will be your on call phone support for questions and suggestions but your family member or friend will feel confident in giving you that undivided physical and emotional support.

During our prenatal meeting we can explore different aspects of labour and birth. This allows me to learn what you value in your care and how I can help facilitate a good experience for you and your support people. We will also discuss different sign posts of labour allowing your support people to become familiar and recognize when things are progressing. I will demonstrate some positioning and care techniques to draw upon for comfort as you labour.

When labour begins you can rely on a steady connection, either through calling or texting as you navigate your big day. We can stay in communication as long as you and your support need to. This could be when you are early in labour, trying to figure out what’s happening. It could also be when you are heavy into it and deciding to transition to where your baby will be born. You can bounce ideas and questions off someone trusted, who has been witness to and has supported birth for many years.

Do you have questions? Connect and I can answer them.

Little Origin Birth Services works in partnership with Vivian Andersen of Birth Doula by Nature and Beyond. Our partnership allows us to be more available and flexible to support you. We will schedule our meetings together, which gives you the benefit of double the knowledge, expertise and support. We will get to know each other, discuss all of your wishes, concerns, strengths and how we can best support you. We foster a trusting relationship with you so you feel comfortable and confident with both of us. When you do go into labor and after your birth you can rest assured that you will be supported completely.