Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions I am asked a lot. Please contact me if there is something I can help with.

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What is a doula?

I will be your physical support. Intuitively attending to your needs. Whether it's counter pressure, hip squeezes, massage or warming touch, having that physical support has been shown to reduce tension, fear and pain. I will try to create a comfortable space for you. I will suggest positions for comfort.

I will be your emotional support. Encouraging you calmly. My continuous presence is reassurance that you will have someone with you always. I will guide you through any doubts or fears. I will offer your birth partner this same support, recognizing that this experience can be intense for them. 

I will guide you with informed support by helping you weigh your options and understanding what's going on. My experience with birth will allow me to normalize things for you. Experience allows me to suggest all those techniques that can assist you during labor. My advocacy roll helps you find answers to your questions and supports you in your decisions. I will do my best to facilitate that communication with your birth team.

Why should I have a doula?

Research shows that birthing mothers who have a doula are more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth, less likely to need augmented labours, have a decreased risk of a cesarean birth and are more likely to say their birth experience was positive. Having a doula can make your birth experience better in a lot of ways. It's worth the investment!

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I have midwives, why should I have a doula too?

Midwives are amazing people. Super human in fact! They have so much to do. When you are in labor your midwife has you and your baby to care for. She has herself to care for so that she can be ready for the moment of birth. She may have other clients to communicate with and she may have just come from another birth. She has to coordinate all of these different aspects while caring for you. All of this adds up to wanting to give you her undivided emotional and physical support but just simply not having time. This is where I can compliment her care for you. When you are intending to birth at home or the birth center, this can be an amazing space to bring your baby into this world. There is a vulnerability in this and a rawness that can only be felt in this kind of space. This is your space, where you can feel free to birth as you feel you need to. If you get to a point in labor where you just wish you could catch a break, I can help you to refocus or let go. There is an ebb and flow to birth and this is so prominent when women are in their own space. I have experience with woman choosing home birth and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you and care for you.


I thought midwives and doulas were the same, aren’t they?

No, we are definitely not the same. As your doula I provide a very specific role. I will not perform clinical tasks such as maternal blood pressure, fetal heart rate assessment or cervical checks. I will not give you medical advice. I will not make decisions for you or take over your partners role. My hands are for supporting you not catching your baby. My scope of practice is clear. It allows me to concentrate on your well being. As a DONA certified doula I strive to uphold a code of ethics and standards of practice with professional integrity.