Have you heard?

Maybe you have heard from friends or your mother how difficult or simple breastfeeding was for them. The fact is, if you've never breastfed a baby before it's hard to be certain what to expect. This is where my support comes in. Before your baby is born it's beneficial to review the fundamentals of breastfeeding, to understand why timing is crucial. I offer early education to help you overcome any challenges once your baby arrives. If your baby is already here and you are experiencing difficulty I will come to you. Together we will create a plan in support of you and baby, encouraging your breastfeeding experience be what you hoped.

As a Certified Lactation Educator I offer two distinct yet complementary services:

Breastfeeding Support

  • An initial consultation is booked for an assessment of how your baby is latching

  • I will ask questions and listen to how you feel things are going

  • We will try to time it for when your baby is hungry and wanting to nurse.

  • I will quietly observe and listen to your concerns.

  • We will work together to design a plan that works for you.

  • I will leave with you a written account of our time together.

  • I offer a continuity of care and a dedication to providing support until no longer needed.

Breastfeeding Education

  • I offer private education session(s) to discuss and learn strategies so breastfeeding has the best start

  • I will tailor these sessions to how you define success in breastfeeding

  • We can discuss topics such as: Anatomy and Physiology of the breast, Best Start Strategies, Dealing with Difficulties, Complications, Supplementation and Complimentary Feeding, Feeding patterns of Your Newborn, Holding Positions for Breastfeeding, A Proper Latch, How to evaluate supply, Breast Care, Expression & Proper Storage, Increasing your Milk Supply

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Human milk has the lowest protein and fat content. Because of this babies need to nurse often. How often? Newborns will typically wake every 2-3 hours to nurse. Learning to watch for cues from your baby will help you determine when they need your milk and the comfort of you, their Mother.


Breastfeeding should not hurt constantly and shouldn’t feel pinchy. It’s important to get proper help right away if you are having difficulty or if you are feeling overwhelmed by breastfeeding. A lot of the time the latch not being deep enough may be the problem. With a little bit of position changes or assessing how baby is initiating their latch things can improve immensely in one session.

If there’s that voice in your head saying “This can’t wait…”

If you are feeling overwhelmed by breastfeeding call me at anytime. As a Certified Lactation Educator I can offer you on-call service similar* to a Lactation Consultant. You and I together will assess your situation, and discover your solution, easing the anxiety you and baby are experiencing. Afterwards, I will check in with your progress and continue support where needed. 

(*exceptions include medical diagnosis and prescriptions. In case your situation does prove to need further attention, I will provide an immediate referral and collaborate for your success.) 


Breastfeeding Support
$90 initial consult (up to 2 hours)
$45/hr follow up support (if needed)

Breastfeeding Education
$90 per two hour session

I am a Certified Lactation Educator with extensive breastfeeding knowledge and experience.

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A newborn baby’s stomach is the size of a cherry. The mothers Colostrum (breastmilk) produced from the 16th week of gestation is packed full of everything baby needs for those first days. Mother and baby, a perfect fit.


You are their number one.

It is said that the space between a mothers breasts next to her heart is the habitat. This is where her newborn feels her warmth, the beating of her heart and the rhythm of her breath. This is where they can begin again, their "restart" space. If your baby is fussing and having difficulty place them here. They will find calm and be soothed by your voice. This is the do over spot, the number one place a newborn wants to be.


All babies have the instinct and reflex to breastfeed. Current birthing practices can interfere with our nature. Be informed about what can affect breastfeeding for your and baby’s best start.


“Evamarie has an amazing combination of intuitiveness, knowledge, teaching and comfort.” -T.T.

baby skin to skin wrap

Immediate skin-to-skin between Mom and Baby right after birth has proven to be extremely beneficial for the overall health of Mother and Child, and overwhelmingly beneficial for breastfeeding.


Do you have questions? Connect and I can answer them.

Little Origin Birth Services works in partnership with Vivian Andersen of Birth Doula by Nature and Beyond. Our partnership allows us to be more available and flexible to support you. We will schedule our meetings together, which gives you the benefit of double the knowledge, expertise and support. We will get to know each other, discuss all of your wishes, concerns, strengths and how we can best support you. We foster a trusting relationship with you so you feel comfortable and confident with both of us. When you do go into labor and after your birth you can rest assured that you will be supported completely.