Birth is an incredible journey.

Offering personalized care, Your Doula.


Birth Doula

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Guiding you through birth. Supporting you all the way. Sometimes it’s a matter of just being there and other times it’s hands on support. Together we can navigate that mountain, the top has an amazing view!

Breastfeeding Support

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Our bodies provide sustenance beyond milk for our babies, yet our culture tends to hide or dismiss these benefits. Together let’s reveal and revel in the mystery and beauty of breastfeeding.



“Going into our first pregnancy and delivering at a hospital we knew we wanted an experienced doula that could be with us from start to finish and help us achieve our goal of a natural unmedicated birth. Evamarie was helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to birth, the birth, and what to expect postpartum, including information on breastfeeding. My husband and I felt very comfortable with Evamarie from the moment we met. She has a very soothing, comforting and calming manner. The warming pad and massage she did on my back were amazing and her words were so encouraging. She helped us feel informed about what was going on which helped us make important decisions. 

We appreciated Evamarie’s help so much that we asked her to be our doula for our second birth, a water birth at the birth centre. Again, Evamarie was with us every step of the way. The photos she captured of our growing family were an extra special touch and something that we will cherish forever. I highly recommend Evamarie because she's very knowledgeable and an invaluable support to have. She is truly meant to be in this line of work! 

— A.M.

Little Origin Birth Services works in partnership with Vivian Andersen of Birth Doula by Nature and Beyond. Our partnership allows us to be more available and flexible to support you. We will schedule our meetings together, which gives you the benefit of double the knowledge, expertise and support. We will get to know each other, discuss all of your wishes, concerns, strengths and how we can best support you. We foster a trusting relationship with you so you feel comfortable and confident with both of us. When you do go into labor and after your birth you can rest assured that you will be supported completely.